FAI Balloon Live Sensor – Special sale until November 28, 2021

FAI Balloon Live, the new generation logging, live tracking and live scoring project for balloon competition, was started in 2018 as a follow-on project to replace the existing Balloon Competition Loggers.

First, we have to announce that as of January 2022, these old competition loggers will not be available anymore for renting due to the age and wear of the devices. This marks the final completion of a very successful project in competition ballooning.

The good news is that after some intensive testing in 2020, a large number of events used the new FAI Balloon Live system very successfully in 2021. That’s why we can now completely switch to Balloon Live and use it in local, national and international events in the future.

FAI Balloon Live has 3 main parts:
  • The Balloon Live app is the logger and tracking app, available on iOS and Android.
  • Watchmefly.net is the main Balloon Live website for managing competitions and tracks.
  • Finally, the Balloon Live Sensor (BLS) closes the gap of the Balloon Live App running on many different phones and the need for precise GPS and barometric measurements. This is done using an external sensor that connects to the app.
The availability of the Balloon Live Sensor was an important milestone in the overall project. Over 500 devices have been sold in a special sale event in 2020. In 2021, many competitions have used them on a local, national and even international level. The Balloon Live app and sensor have also been approved to be used in FAI CAT1 events.

To make sure everybody has a chance to own a Sensor and be able to fly his favourite competition somewhere around the world (or even the next Worlds in Slovenia), we are happy to offer the device for the best possible price during this second and final Special Sale event.

The delivery of the devices is unfortunately not expected before late summer 2022. As the electronic market is in a very special state at the moment, some components have up to 1 year lead time. Therefore we need to launch the sale and thereby allow Flymaster, new partner of Volirium (Flytec Balloon), to order the components in sufficient numbers as soon as possible.

Find all further details and the order form onballoonlive.org/sensor-sale. The deadline for this final special sale is November 28.

The FAI Balloon Live Team is looking forward to a new and exciting competition season.

Best regards,

Claude Weber, 1st Vice-President
FAI Ballooning Commission

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