What can the CBA do for me?

Generally, through our website, the CBA can keep you informed on things such as developments with the Department of Transport, upcoming balloon events or current safety or insurance issues. As a CBA Member, you also become part of a network of balloonists across Canada. You benefit from the CBA’s efforts to make Transport aware of issues specifically related to ballooning in Canada, and through the member forum, you can exchange information.

If you’re interested in competition, the CBA sanctions competitive ballooning events within Canada. Along with overseeing the awarding of national balloon records and their recommendation for world records, the CBA supports a program for developing and qualifying observers to verify both competitive or record setting flights.

The CBA is dedicated to promoting safety in ballooning. We will pass along information on ways to avoid problems or to deal with emergency situations, recent incidents or accidents and the events leading up to them, and the developments in equipment or practice which could enhance safety.

Why should I be interested?

Your support as a member helps the CBA grow and continue to support ballooning in Canada and at the World level. Within Canada, the CBA is the voice of balloonists within Transport Canada, and internationally we represent Canada with the FAI which allows members to represent their country at international events. Membership is worthwhile even if you join only to become connected to a network of balloonists across our vast country.